Disaster Relief Grant Application

To be eligible for United Way Tar River Region Disaster Relief Funds, an Organization must certify that they meet the following minimum requirements: 

*Is a 501 (c) (3) organization, has a volunteer Board of Directors and serves Edgecombe and Nash counties; 
*Has an organized accounting system and can produce monthly financial statements;
*Funding request is for a fully operational program that either was impacted by Hurricane Matthew or is serving others/ groups impacted by Hurricane Matthew;
*Practices non-discrimination;
*Complies with the USA Patriot Act (anti-terrorism);
*Agrees to expend monies only in ways outlined within this grant application and will complete a report outlining usage of disaster relief funds within 12 months of receiving funds.

To be considered for funding through the United Way Tar River Region Disaster Relief Fund, please include with this Application, a typewritten statement, not to exceed three pages in length, which addresses the following:

1.  A brief description of your organization, its mission, goals and those you serve;

2.  A brief description of how your organization and/or those you serve were impacted by Hurricane Matthew;

3.  The number of individuals you typically serve on a yearly basis;

4.  An overview of how your organization will utilize the requested Disaster Relief Funds and how you will measure the impact/ results (grant funds may be used for past losses or anticipated expenses in relation to Hurricane Matthew not reimbursed/ reimbursable through FEMA, insurance or other sources);

5.  A brief budget narrative outlining how the requested funds will be used ($10,000.00 or less may be requested through this grant).

Also, with this application, please include:

6.  A current listing of your volunteer Board of Directors;

7.  A copy of your IRS determination letter; 

8.  A copy of your current overall operating budget;

9.  Your most recent Annual Report (if available).


Special Note:  If you have submitted another grant application to United Way Tar River Region within the last 3 months, you do not need to provide the 4 items listed above with this Disaster Relief Fund Application.




12 Noon, WEDNESDAY APRIL 12, 2017 to:

United Way Tar River Region 
2501 Sunset Avenue
Rocky Mount, NC 27804  
Fax: 937-6702