2007 Snapshot of Success

Snapshots of Success is a traveling photo exhibit that highlights the impact of local donors' investements into local United Way recipients' lives.
Special thanks to Nature's Own Gallery & Photography By Allen Hinnant.

Annette & Shyrese

Annette Coggins' (right) battle with post-partum depression, depression,and bipolar disorder has been going on for the majority of her adult life. Five years ago, she turned to the Rocky Mount Area United Way for help. Through Tar River Mental Healt Association's Direct Consumer Support program, Annette learned to manage her disorders. Annette now volunteers with the Tar River Mental Health Association frequently, and is able to help individuals succeed no matter what the odds.

For the past ten years, RBC Centura employee, Shyrese Langston has done her part to improve lives in our community. She wants to make a difference. Shyrese's gift to her neighbors in need offers hope and the promise of a better future. To Annette, Shyrese makes a difference.

Bobby & Kathryn

Bobby Proctor loves tractors. He carries a toy tractor with him everyday to The Wright's Center, where he participates in the Adult Day Health Care program. Bobby has lived with disabilities all his life and was very withdrawn and much of a loner. Thanks to The Wright's Center Bobby's life is enriched by being able to interact with others and form lasting friendships. He has become more social and is encouraged daily by fellow participants. Bobby dreams of one day being able to work and live on his own. He also has a dream to see Elvis. But most of all, Bobby would love to be able to drive one of the tractors he loves so much.

Kathryn Perkinson of Nash Health Care Systems believes that our community relies on neighbors helping neighbors in need. Kathryn trusts the Rocky Mount Area United Way to do this. She knows that with her donation, she can change lives. She can change Bobby's life.

Elaine & John

Elaine McCarthy was left with only her memories after losing her New Orleans home and everything in it during Hurricane Katrina. She was completely devastated and could not fathom where to begin in rebuilding the life she once knew. With help of the American Red Cross - Twin Rivers Chapter, she and her husband were able to start over through the Disaster Preparedness and Relief Program. The Red Cross provided priceless medical and financial assistance to the McCarthy's. Elaine couldnt be more grateful for her new life in the Rocky Mount area and the opportunity to make new memories.

Consolidated Diesel Company employee, John Austin has been giving to the Rocky Mount Area United Way for 23 years. He believes that his gift to the Community Fund is doing the most good by supporting many different health and human service needs in the community. Because of John's gift, Elaine was afforded a new start.

Buck & YMCA

On June 26, 2006, Buck Davis collapsed during his daily workout at the Harrison Family YMCA. It would later be determined that he had a massive heart attack. YMCA staff members Angela Barnhill and Vicki Payton participated in a CPR training class through the Health & Safety program at the American Red Cross - Twin Rivers Chapter. Along with two YMCA members, Angela and Vicki were the first to come to Buck's aid. Because of the CPR training class, they were able to keep Buck's heart beating until the ambulance arrived. The doctors told Buck and his family how fortunate he was. Only 1 in 5,000 individuals are able to survive a massive heart attack outside of a medical facility. Angela and Vicki are both donors to the Rocky Mount Area United Way. Their gift provided them with the ability to save Buck's life.

Cindy & Warren

Cindy Hendricks & her three-year-old daughter Jasmine had nowhere left to turn when in need of shelter. They now live at the Bassett Center and participate in House the Families. House the Families provides support services that will assisst Cindy & Jasmine in making the transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency and into permanent housing. House the Families gives Cindy hope for not only her future, but also her daughter's - that she will have all the opportunities available to live a happy and successful life.

Warren Stephenson has been an active member of the community for many years. Although his travels have led him all over the country in his lifetime, Warren has chosen to give to the United Way for over forty years. Warren knows that it would be almost impossible to write a check to all of the Rocky Mount United Way's 35 funded programs, but through the Community Fund, he is able to give equally to all of the needs in our community. Warren's donation gave Cindy & Jasmine not a handout, but a hand up.

William & Laura

Boys & Girls Clubs' Youth of the Year, William Bynum, has seem many of his friends make bad decisions and follow the wrong path in life. William chose a different path. A path that will lead to graduating from high school, attending college, and getting a valuable education that will lead to a great job and a great future. William attributes his success to the After-school Youth Development and Summer Enrichment programs at the Boys & Girls Clubs. William became a leader in the Club and at his school, and learned how to be his own person, but not at the expense of others. William's future is now a bright one.

Laura O'Neal, Director of the Nash County Department of Social Services, saw clearly how she makes a difference in other's lives through her United Way donation when she met William. Laura understands the need for each and every program funded through United Way. Laura challenges you to make a difference.