United Way Equity Statement

The United Way Tar River Region exists to unite people and build a stronger community and has done so

throughout its long-standing history. As such, we know this is the vital time for us to uplift the ideals that

we strive for as an organization that is committed to LIVING UNITED.

The killing of George Floyd and numerous other black men and women at the hands of police through

excessive and unjustified force, as well as the racial inequities and health disparities revealed during the

Covid19 pandemic, have once again highlighted a complexity of issues and barriers to justice. These

recent events have catalyzed responses to multiple issues related to the injustices, inequities, and systemic

racism that exist within the world and within our own community.

In response to the current tone of unveiled racism in our community and the world, the United Way Tar

River Region will continue to champion justice, fairness, and diversity. We understand that the very

nature of inequality runs antithetical to our vision and mission.

As such, we are committed to do the following:

  • To look introspectively into our own systems of functioning and how we help our community by identifying our own vulnerabilities that may unintentionally perpetuate inequities in our processes, practices, and procedures;

  • To continue to hold a position of respect for all people regardless of race, creed, color, gender, orientation, socio-economic status, etc. To the United Way, respect means that we value all people as being sacred creation, we are inclusive of all in our thought processes and decision making, and we promote policies, practices, and procedures that work to the betterment of all;

  • To ensure that our network of agencies comply with our stance of justice, fairness, and equity for all. Therefore, we call on all of our agencies and partners to stand bold and strong as an ally to those targeted with racist practices, and unjust policies, and those whose voices are marginalized and silenced as a result of not having access to power, privilege, and equal resources in our community.

We see our work as the following:

  • To be aware of our privileges and our power and to use that power and privilege to lift up all as we have opportunity;

  • To listen before we speak and seek to understand the pain and the plight of others;

  • To reflect on what we have heard and why someone may feel unheard;

  • To speak up boldly and overtly against racist practices and all other practices that divide and separate until they are fair to all.

The United Way Tar River Region recognizes that the work is ongoing, challenging, and tiring, but we are

committed to participate in the long journey of change in our community and in the relentless work of

demanding justice, equity, fairness, and inclusion for all.

As such, we will form a working committee that will follow through on our action steps, provide regular

updates to our Board of Directors, and ensure that our work is sustained and consistent with our

commitment to LIVE UNITED.