Endowment Fund

The United Way Tar River Legacy Endowment

Our Endowment and its Mission:
United Way Tar River Region United Way Tar River Region has been working in Edgecombe and Nash Counties for 70 years to unite people and resources to build a stronger community. The nonprofit organization raises approximately $1 million in their Community Campaign, funding 35 community-based health, and human service programs, and partnering with 24 nonprofit partners addressing Education, Health, and Income & Independence. The United Way Tar River Legacy Endowment serves as a perpetual source of support for the organization and our mission. The growth of this fund contributes to the resilience and financial sustainability of the United Way. The Endowment is professionally managed by the North Carolina Community Foundation.

How can you support the United Way Tar River Legacy Endowment?
You can ensure the continuation of our mission in many ways: your gift or pledge to the fund; your gifts in memory or in honor of friends and family; or your thoughtfully planned bequest. All contributions support our goal to build a strong endowment for the future. All gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Some types of gifts for you to consider include:


The simplest and most convenient way to support the fund is through cash gifts, usually made by check or credit card.


Gifts of appreciated securities and real property may provide important tax advantages to donors who have held assets for more than one year. The full fair market value of such gifts may be deductible as a charitable contribution. In the case of restricted or closely held stock, real estate or other unusual assets, the proposed gift may require an appraisal, a review by NCCF counsel and approval of the NCCF Board of Directors.


There are many ways to remember the United Way Tar River Legacy Endowment in a will. After providing for heirs, a donor can specify that some or all of the remaining assets be given to the United Way Tar River Legacy Endowment, thereby achieving a lasting purpose and reducing the taxable portion of an estate.


The United Way Tar River Legacy Endowment may be named as the owner and beneficiary of a previously existing or new life insurance policy. The donor receives an immediate tax deduction, which is generally equal to the policy’s cash surrender value. The donor may make ongoing tax-deductible gifts to ensure continuation of premium payments.


Assets held in qualified retirement plans or individual retirement accounts (IRAs) may be contributed to charity. The donor may name the United Way Tar River Legacy Endowment as the designated beneficiary of retirement account assets upon his/her death or the death of family beneficiaries.


A donor may wish to make a contribution to the fund but also receive an income interest. Certain charitable trusts may deliver important advantages in financial and estate planning and also enable charitable gifts to the fund. The NCCF does not act in a trustee capacity but will work with donors and their chosen trustees as the charitable lead beneficiary or remainderman of the trust.