2008 Snapshots of Success

Snapshots of Success is a traveling photo exhibit that highlight the impact of our local donors' investment on local United Way recipients' lives. Special thanks to Nature's Own Gallery & Photography By Allen Hinnant.

Horace Sanders & Cindy Coggin

Cindy Coggin was in denial and in survival mode for years until a friend referred her to My Sister's House. Through donations to United Way, Cindy was able to attend bi-monthly support groups and received the encouragement and support that she needed to make a better life for her and her family. She learned that she has a voice and a choice.

Horace Sanders, an employee at Hospira, is a long-standing United Way donor and avid volunteer. Horace believes that United Way can do better job at determining where best to give his money so that it will do the most good. Horace has been giving to United Way for 25 years; 25 years of helping individuals and families like Cindy's.

Phillip & Gwen Davis and Girl Scout Troop 1483

Meet Girl Scout Troop 1438! Through the programs funded by United Way, these young ladies have the opportunity to help others in the community that are less fortunate and learn valuable lessons along the way. You can see Troop 1438 reading books to seniors at area nursing homes, participating in Keeping Rocky Mount Beautiful and much more!

Phillip and Gwen Davis understand how important United Way is to our community. Phillip, a City of Rocky Mount Fire Marshall has been giving to the United Way through payroll deduction for 25 years. Gwen, an employee at the Rocky Mount Telegram knows that when she donates to United Way that she is helping enhance the lives in our community. By giving to United Way both Phillip and Gwen have supported programs that help build strong characters and life-long community volunteers.

Denise Batts & Alma "Grannie" Smith

Alma"Grannie" Smith is a recipient of a United Way funded programs that helps give her and family members peace of mind. Thanks to Meals on Wheels, Grannie looks forward to special visit everyday. Because of donations made to United Way, Grannie doesn't have to worry about having a hot meal.

Vanessa Whitaker & James Habourn

James Habourn has been a recipient of a United Way funded program for 18 years. As a child, James struggled in school and at the age of 16 James left school. In 1998 thanks to ALDH, James was able to walk across the stage with a GED in his hands. He is currently a Nurse Tech II at Wake Med and hopes to one day become a Registered Nurse. Thanks to United Way and their programs, individuals like James feel cared about and have a better outlook on life.

Vanessa Whitaker, a Southern Bank employee, has been a United Way supporter for over 10 years. By giving to United Way, Vanessa is giving back to her community. She understands that United Way touches thousands of individuals and families right here in our community. Playing a part in helping someone in need is a rewarding feeling to Vanessa. She continues to give to United Way so that she can brighten someone else's day. Vanessa's donation was able to help James continue his education and become a very successful young man.

Sandra Knight Farmer, Chasity Lewis and Boy Scout Packs 37 & 16

Boy Scout packs #37 & #16 are very involved in our community. Because of donations made to United Way, these young men are able to learn many life-long lessons. They are able to participate in many different programs including everything from day camps to feeding the hungry. Through donations made to United Way, the Boy Scouts are able to accomplish their mission of preparing young people in our community to make ethical and moral choices over the course of their lifetime.

Sandra Knight farmer, a Nash-Rocky Mount Public School System principal, believes that we are all "United" and by donating to United Way we are demonstrating our love and concern for one another. Chasity Lewis, also a Nash-Rocky Mount Public School System teacher believes that the heart and soul of humanity is to care for your fellow man. Because of Sandra and Chasity's gifts, the United Way can give young men in our community the chance to make a difference in the lives of others.

Tom & Kim Zdebiak, Whitney Deans & Damian Briggs

Meet Whitney Deans. She is a 2008 graduate of Nash Central High School. For the past six years, Whitney has been involved with programs that are supported through United Way. Thanks to Communities in Schools, Whitney has grown into a leader by working with her peers in groups and on projects. She has also learned the valuable skill of time management and responsibility. These are vital skills that she will use for the rest of her life.

Damian Briggs participated with a United Way funded program for 5 years. Through this program, Damian was matched up with mentors Kim and Tom Zdebiak. Thanks to this United Way funded program, Damian has been able to have many more positive experiences and he is more motivated to do physical activities and has gained more self-confidence.

Tom and Kim Zdebiak are not only mentors to Damian, but have been United Way supporters for a combined 46 years. Kim, a Boddie Noell Enterprises Inc. employee, believes that we are all part of the same community and it is important to share what they have with other. Tom, an RBC employee, strongly believes that we benefit when our community benefits. Because of the Zdebiak's, both Whitney and Damian are able to become young leaders in our community.