2009 Snapshots of Success

The Snapshots of Success is a traveling photo exhibit that highlight the impact of our local donors' investements into local United Way recipients' lives. This years exhibit focuses on the benevolent spirit of our communities.

Special thanks to Nature's Own Gallery & Photography By Allen Hinnant.

Snapshots of Success:

Neigbors Helping Neighbors

Dee Hurley & Mercedez Haywood

Their Story...
Meet Dee Hurley and Mercedez Haywood, as they practice their golf swing at the Boys and Girls Clubs.Dee, an employee with United Parcel Service, is a big United Way supporter in many ways. She coordinates the UPS Campaign each year, as well as their yearly UPS/ United Way Golf Classic. Dee believes in volunteering at United Way Partner agencies, and also believes that the power of small acts can make a big difference in someone s life. She says never take for granted the power and influenc we might have in another person s life.

And thanks to Dee s support, the influence on a young person s life can be measured through the successes of Mercedez Haywood. A young, strong leader in our community, Mercedez is a student at Rocky Mount Preparatory School and attends programs funded through United Way at the Boys and Girls Clubs. Mercedez says that the programs have impacted her life tremendously through Power Hour, her GPA has increased,as well, she has matured socially and mentally, while excelling in many other aspects of her life. As she says the Boys and Girls Clubs have inspired her to BE GREAT!

Dee says Living United, we can work together to make a difference in the life of a young person.

Kitty Johnson & Shirleeta Shaw Pittman

Their Story...
Meet Kitty Johnson and Shirleeta Shaw Pittman, as they prepare food together at Tarboro Community Outreach. Kitty is a past resident at TCO, a United Way funded program that assists homeless or hungry individuals. She remembers staying at TCO during the Flood of 1999, when she lost everything.  She feels very blessed to have this program in her life, to help with shelter, food, spiritual and personal
care. She volunteered at the shelter during the Flood and continues to help in the kitchen preparing meals for the thousands who need TCO s assistance.

What would Kitty and many others do without the contributions from local neighbors like Shirleeta Pittman? Shirletta, an employee at QVC, has been a United Way Care Share donor since 1972. She has made the choice to support United Way because she feels it is a small way she can help others and she knows that United Way works. She saw this first hand when she and her family were also affected by the Flood of 1999. Living in Princeville at the time, she lost everything. That sense of helplessness was overwhelming, but United Way and its funded Partners stepped in to help. Before the Flood, Shirletta was always happy to support United Way, never knowing one day, she would be a recipient. You never know what life has in store for you thankfully, we have United Way to provide stability during those uncertain times.

Frances McDowell & Delores Bullock

Their Story...
Meet Frances McDowell and Delores Bullock, as they finish grocery shopping and running errands.  Frances relies heavily on the support of VOICE (Volunteers Offering Independent Care for the Elderly).  This United Way funded program helps seniors remain active and engaged in the community, helping them run errands, go to doctor s appointments and stay up on daily life. Without this service, many seniors would have difficulty meeting the challenges of day-to-day living. Thanks to supporters like Delores Bullock, Frances will get the support and personal contact she needs to live a positive life.  Delores, an employee with Heritage Hospital, believes in the programs provided through United Way, and has been supporting our organization for 25 years. Through Heritage Hospital, Delores has learned about the important programs funded through United Way, and chooses to give through payroll deduction, the easiest way to donate. She believes it is important to help others and thinks that United Way goes above the call of duty to help. During the Flood of 1999, she remembers that United Way was the first group to provide help. Delores believes United Way reaches more people & places than one person or organization could ever reach.

Tommy Stockdale & Debbie Cooper

Their Story...
Meet Tommy Stockdale and Debbie Cooper. They are working together on a project preparing bolts to be sent to our local Cummins-Rocky Mount Engine Plant through the Adult Developmental Vocational Program at Tri-County Industries, a United Way funded program. Debbie has been part of the ADVP program at TCO for many years. Debbie and her family were displaced by the Flood of 1999, and lived in a FEMA trailer, until their home could be restored. Then, and now, Debbie attends TCO and is provided work experience, social networking and a positive, daily environment. In her father s words, this program is a blessing for Debbie.

Tommy directly helps individuals like Debbie through his United Way contribution. As the Plant Manager of Eaton Corporation, Tommy supports their corporate value of supporting the communities in which they live and do business. Through United Way, Tommy can support his business, as well, be a
loyal Care Share Donor and Board Director. Tommy believes United Way is the best way to give back and to Tommy, LIVING UNITED means supporting each other to raise the quality of life for both the givers and the receivers of assistance.

Stephen Barnes, Judy Grimmer & Shirley Joyner

Their Story...
Meet Stephen Barnes, Judy Grimmer and Shirley Joyner, as they participate at the Seniors Developmental Program, a United Way funded program, at The Salvation Army. Stephen & Judy work together at RSM McGladrey and have been United Way supporters for several years. Stephen is a United Way donor & Board Director & is proud that RSM McGladrey has United Way as their charity-of -choice. Judy coordinates the United Way campaign at the firm and plans fun draising events that get everyone involved & excited. Judy feels that United Way helps people from all walks of life and you never know what will be facing you in the future.

United Way helped Shirley when she was faced with unexpected health concerns. After being in the hospital and a rehab center for some months, Shirley attended The Salvation Army Senior s Program, and through exercise, activities, healthy eating and social interaction, Shirley is doing great again! This United Way program helped Shirley regain her health, well-being and independence, while giving her a new lease on life.

Jeff Sherrod, Makayla Maloney & Tamika Joyner

Their Story...
Meet Jeff Sherrod, Makayla Maloney and Tamika Joyner who are at the American Red Cross-Fredrick E. Turnage Chapter. Jeff is very  mportant to Makayla because he saved her life after a traumatic car accident. Jeff helped on the scene of the accident, performed four cycles of CPR, and is credited in saving her life. Jeff is certainly special to Makayla s parents, as they thank him for saving their little girl s life. Important trainings funded through United Way, like First Aid and CPR, and provided by the American Red Cross, help empower individuals, like Jeff, to save lives.  Also, a valuable service provided by the American Red Cross, and funded through United Way, is Disaster Recovery, and Tamika Joyner knows something about this. Now a Care Share donor and employee with United Way, Tamika and her family lost their home during the Flood of 1999. When many homes and businesses were destroyed, our communities united to help victims who survived the Flood. Many were grateful for the groups who issued supplies and helped heal the physical and emotional wounds, like the Red Cross. As Tamika looks back, she feels very blessed. Had it not been for the benevolent spirit of our communities, her status would be flood victim instead of SURVIVOR!