2010 Snapshots of Success

-Neighbors Helping Neighbors-

Our Snapshots of Success is a traveling photo exhibit that features local United Way donors and recipients of United Way funded programs.

Special Thanks to: Photography by Allen Hinnant & Framing by Nature's Own Gallery

Pete & Brandon

"Positively influencing someone or something, even in a small manner, benefits mankind..."

Meet Pete Gaydosh and Brandon Atkins.  Brandon was a participant in the Communities in Schools program for seven years.  Because Brandon faced educational challenges during his early years, he was enrolled into the CIS program.  During his participation in this UNITED WAY funded program, the instructors talked to him about self worth, social interaction, study skills and provided tutoring in his weak subjects.  Today, Brandon is a rising college freshman in hopes of becoming a physician. Because of loyal UNITED WAY donors like Pete, CIS was able to give Brandon the extra support and confidence building that he needed.  Pete, an employee at Cummins-Rocky Mount Engine Plant, believes that humanity is interconnected; positively influencing someone or something, even in a small manner, benefits mankind.

That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.

Hope & Margaret

"Living United gives us a chance to come together and embrace each other..."

Meet Hope Bethea and Margaret Jones.  Since 2007, Margaret has received meals from Meals on Wheels of Rocky Mount, a UNITED WAY partner agency.  As a widower, Margaret’s daughters were concerned about her independence considering their full-time schedules.  Alleviating some concern of Margaret’s daughters, MOW was able provide daily nutritious meals along with pleasant conversation from the volunteers.  Meals on Wheels of Tarboro, also a UNITED WAY partner agency, provide similar services to Edgecombe County participants.

Thanks to faithful UNITED WAY donors and volunteers, like Hope, an employee of Edgecombe County Department of Social Services, Margaret is able to maintain her independence and health. Hope contributes to UNITED WAY through payroll deduction because it is the easiest way to donate to valuable services.  Her donation supports programs like Meals on Wheels that are needed throughout our communities.  Hope believes that we are all responsible for each other, especially in bad times.  Though we are diverse in our way of life, unity makes us stronger and gives us purpose. LIVE UNITED gives us a chance to come together and embrace each other at the end of the day.

That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.

David & Kim

Helping others during challenging times is what it means to Live United.

Meet David Pippen and Kim Council.  David, the nephew of a former Hospice patient, vividly remembers the valuable services provided by the Hospice Foundation of Edgecombe County, a UNITED WAY partner agency.  Hospice provided many services to David’s uncle such as nurse assistants, social work services, emotional support and preparation for funeral services.  David was chosen as the primary caregiver for his uncle.  Hospice allowed his uncle to remain home, surrounded by his loved ones, instead of multiple visits to a physician’s office or unwanted hospitalization.

Because of loyal UNITED WAY Care Share contributors, like Kim, Hospice allowed David's uncle to be at peace during his final days. Kim, through her workplace campaign at Piedmont Natural Gas, is proud to support UNITED WAY efforts to improve lives.

Kim believes that helping others during challenging times is what it means to LIVE UNITED.

Alex, Grace, Sarah, Eric & Chris Miller

"Together we can have a much broader impact on the greater good..."

Meet Girl Scouts Alex Thompson, Grace Warner and Sarah Bland along with Chris and Eric Miller.  Girls Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines, a UNITED WAY partner agency, encourages increased skill building and responsibility while promoting the development of strong leadership and decision-making skills.  Alex, Grace and Sarah all agree that participating in the Girls Scouts program is an exciting experience that has taught them how to make a positive difference in the community.

Thanks to loyal donors and community leaders, like Chris & Eric, UNITED WAY programs, like Girl Scouting, can offer valuable life skills to its participants.  Chris, a Rocky Mount City Councilwoman, and Eric, an Industrial Engineer at Hospira, have contributed to UNITED WAY for 24 years.  Chris & Eric believe that combining time, money and efforts, together we can have a much broader impact on the greater good than any individual could do working alone.

That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.

Vickie & The CHOZEN Band

"Even small efforts can make a significant impact within our communities..."

Meet Vickie Council and The CHOZEN Band including Ronnie Stone, James Bryant, Steve Matthews and Art Foster.  The CHOZEN band is a creative extension of the Direct Consumer Program, a UNITED WAY program through Tar River Mental Health Association.  Through this UNITED WAY program, participants gain one-on-one counseling support while simultaneously enhancing their social skills.  Mental Health professionals use this program to explore musical expression as a therapeutic agent.  

Vickie, an employee of McLane Carolina Co., has been a longstanding UNITED WAY donor and volunteer.  She believes that contributing to UNITED WAY is her greatest effort, as a local citizen, because UNITED WAY is helping meet a wide range of local needs through partner agencies like Tar River Mental Health Association.  Even small efforts can make a significant impact within our communities.

That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.

Kirk, John & Martin

"One contribution can benefit a wide range of charitable organizations and touch the lives of thousands."

Meet Kirk Scott, John Congelli and Martin Pittman. Martin's long history of substance abuse left him so despondent, suicide seemed the only option.  After Martin's discharge from Coastal Plains Hospital, he realized he could not fall back into his old way of life.  This led him to Christian Fellowship Home, a UNITED WAY partner, to live in a positive environment learning skills in dealing with realities of daily living, clean and sober.

Also a recovered alcoholic, Kirk wonders where he would be if social workers had not referred him to CFH more than 15 years ago.  Currently serving as the Executive Director of CFH, Kirk is leading the organization by helping to improve the lives of addicts, so that they can experience a life free of chemical dependency.  

John, Financial Director of Nash Health Care Systems, has been a contributor to UNITED WAY and advocate for over 20 years.  Because of John’s commitment to UNITED WAY, programs like CFH are able to sustain their existence. By contributing to UNITED WAY, John believes our community will benefit from the work of many. One contribution can benefit a wide range of charitable organizations and touch the lives of thousands.

That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.

2009 - 2010 Community Partner of the Year

Tony, Theresa & Boys & Girls Club participants

Extraordinary…. Tenacious…. Accountable… UNITED…are only a few words to describe Boys & Girls Clubs of Nash/Edgecombe Counties.  Meet Theresa Shaw, Chief Professional Officer and Tony Orr, Director of Operations, of BGC featured along with program participants.  Boys & Girls Clubs, a UNITED WAY partner agency, is dedicated to promoting the health, social, educational, vocational, cultural, character and leadership development of youth, while upholding their attribute of being “A Positive Place for Kids”.

UNITED WAY invests in EDUCATION through the After School Youth Development and Summer Enrichment program provided by the Boys & Girls Clubs.  In 2009, the Boys & Girls Clubs served 4000 youth in Nash and Edgecombe counties through community outreach activities and special events.  In addition to their service to the community, BGC demonstrated strong advocacy of UNITED WAY through marketing, campaign support and overall interconnectedness with other partner agencies.

They are a shining example of what it means to truly LIVE UNITED.