2017 Snapshots of Success

Remember Dee Bullock?  In her previous Snapshot, she was a long-standing United Way donor through Vidant Edgecombe Hospital; believing in the success of United Way.  After experiencing the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, Dee found herself needing the services in which she supported over two decades. As a result of United Way resources, she was able to be resilient and live a better life than she ever imagined.  Dee is no longer a victim. She is a survivor.


Remember Brandon Atkins? Several years ago, Brandon was enrolled in a United Way educational program.  While enrolled in this program, his instructors talked to him about self-worth, social interaction, study skills and provided tutoring in his weak subjects.  Today, Brandon is a college graduate, started a career in management and is engaged to be married. Because of United Way and the network of supporters, Brandon is a success!

Remember Annette Coggins?  Annette previously participated in a United Way program to help her cope with her mental health concerns.  Through this experience, she has gained tools needed to live a full life.  Today, Annette frequently volunteers with United Way. She also enjoys creating oil paintings and mission work with her church to encourage children in foreign countries. Because of United Way programs, Annette  has prospered.